Storm Damages Blakely home

Storm Damages Blakely home

BLAKELY, GA (WALB) - It took some time for Don Crozier to get home.

"I was in church and all the roads are blocked off so I couldn't  get back to my house for a couple of hours," Don Crozier said.

Storms swept through the area and Crozier says he had a gut feeling something happened to his house.

"I kind of had a feeling there may be some damage here because I went on the road over here and I saw damage there and you could just see the path that it went through,"Crozier said.

First responders and police were out blocking roadways. Crozier says lots of debris littered the streets.

"There was a big tree they had the fire trucks and the police and everybody blocking about, probably about 200 yards from my house," Crozier said.

And when he got home he found a big mess.

"Shingles off the roof, the siding off the house. Have a pump house it's pretty much gone. Had a green house back there it's kind of twisted right now," Crozier said

His family showed up as soon as they could, and they've been working to clean up everything.

"There's no way to describe what family means to you, especially at a time like this," Crozier said

Crozier says he's glad to have the help, and is thankful everyone is safe.

"Nobody was here so were fortunate," Crozier said.

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