Bonnyview shooting victim speaks out

Bonnyview shooting victim speaks out

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany resident Alonzo Toomer says he was walking from his Uncle's house when a blue older model Tahoe pulled up and one man got out and started shooting.

A second gunman got out fired shots as well.

Tommer was hit twice, in the rib cage, and his upper left thigh.

He says he had just dropped his son off when the drive by happened. We spoke to him just after he got released from the hospital.

"I had just dropped off my little boy right around the corner there, I'm coming up the road and they just get out of the car and start shooting," says shooting victim Alonzo Toomer.

Police say one of the gunman is described as a black male, dark skin with dreadlocks, and the other shooter is light skinned.

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