Walk in hopes to find cure for cystic fibrosis

Walk in hopes to find cure for cystic fibrosis

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you ask Ethan May's dad, Ethan is just like any other teen age boy.

"He swims in on a local swim team here and boy Scouts," Mike May said

When Ethan was only 6 months old he was diagnosed with  cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that effects his lungs.

"So we'll go into the hospital and they'll tune him up with all the antibiotics and knock down the bacteria, the bugs and uh gets to feeling better and goes about his business," May said.

For 15 years the May family has participated in Great Strides a benefit where teams come out and walk for a cure.

"It's really a day of celebration, they come out in support of their fundraising efforts and it's family friends and co-workers it's a wonderful day," Addison Osteen with CF Foundation Development said.

May believes that there has been great strides made in  medicine for  cystic fibrosis due efforts such as this one.

"We've already seen a lot improvements in medication and just all kinds of things to help with treatment," May said.

Treatments are also shorter.

"We do what's called a chest PT to break up everything in their lungs and all kind of new vest and little things to help him breathe. And it makes life easier," May said.

Now the main goal is to find a cure for people like Ethan. And every bit of support matters

"It means a lot you know people care and truly want to see this thing you know cured, and uh it's just one of things we appreciate everything that everybody does," May said.

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