Americus woman warns about grant scam

Americus woman warns about grant scam

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A warning from an Americus woman who got scammed out of nearly 300 dollars

Cynthia hooks says the crooks left her with just eight dollars in her bank account, and now she wants to warn others.

Cynthia Hooks got a strange call this week.

The caller told her she was selected for a government grant, Hooks thought it sounded great until they wanted what they called a processing fee.

"Oh yeah, it's a processing fee, and its for taxes. Are you serious? And he was like yeah, that's all it is, he was like well do you have 290 dollars?, and I was like I don't, not right now," says Americus resident Cynthia Hooks.

She told the caller to cancel the transaction, but they didn't. Instead they emptied her account, taking her first disability check.

" I go to the post office to make a purchase and my card is declined.

She found out they took nearly 300 dollars.

"They took everything that was on that card except for eight dollars."

Now she wants to send a message.

I just want everybody to know, as what I was told, don't give your card number to anybody, because I didn't know, I really didn't."

And she hopes nobody else falls for this scam.

"Please don't let it happen to you, and I just want everybody to know its not worth it."

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