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Co-sleeping, bed sharing can be risky

Jennifer Madon Jennifer Madon

One Valdosta doctor was reminding people Friday about the risks associated with co-sleeping and bed sharing.

The GBI held a meeting in Decatur Friday to talk about how to make the public more aware of the risks because of the large number of cases they're seeing.

Co-sleeping and bed sharing is when an adult sleeps very close to a baby, sometimes even sleeping in the same bed. Valdosta Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Madon said there are several risks with this, including the increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome because adult mattresses are often not firm enough for young babies.

"Parents, while they're sleeping, can have the risk of rollin' over on the child, so that increase the risk for suffocation. Babies also can become entangled in the bed sheets and the blankets," Dr. Madon pointed out.

According to a press release from the GBI Friday, the most recent data shows the GBI investigated 155 infant deaths in 2013. 139 were sleep related and 86 were caused by co-sleeping.

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