Code enforcement cracks down on eyesores in East Albany

Code enforcement cracks down on eyesores in East Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man is set to appear in court tomorrow for not cleaning up his property on Clark Avenue.

A former city commissioner says that, and other eyesores are hurting the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Clark Avenue is a main thoroughfare through East Albany.

So when former commissioner Henry Mathis saw all the debris cluttered at the corner of Clark and Central Ave. he was aggravated.

"It's very frustrating especially when we are looking to put forth and bring forth new economic development initiatives, and also bring in visitors to the city," says former commissioner Henry Mathis.

He says all the trash gives the city a bad name.

"Its very busy, so for people to drive through and see this, they think the city has no pride. I know we can't legislate morals, but leadership is important as it relates to getting abandoned, slum , and black out of the area," says Mathis.

Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter says his office has been monitoring the property after they started getting complaints two months ago.

"He started cleaning up some of the debris, and then all of the sudden he started bringing in additional debris," Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter.

The owner is set to appear in court tomorrow and could face fines of up to 500 dollars. Carter says it rarely gets to this level, and this property is one of the more extreme cases they have.

"Most of the time its just people accumulating a few items around their house, and before they know it, it gets a little out of hand, and its usually pretty easy to fix, but this is one that just seems to grow and go away and then grow again," says Carter.

He says people can face jail time in some cases.

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