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VSU plant sale helping fight hunger, poverty

Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson
Roy Pace Roy Pace

Some VSU biology students were selling plants for a good cause Thursday. The students sold herbs, vegetables, and even some trees, all of which they grew themselves.

Sarah Johnson was one of several Horticulture students helping sell the plants she and other Horticulture students grew over the semester. A majority of the money goes to a charity called Heifer International, which helps fight poverty and hunger in underdeveloped countries.

"In underdeveloped countries, we can buy a cow or a goat or anything to give to a village or a family," Johnson pointed out.

She said the plant sale has grown every year since it began in 2012, and she said in the first hour and a half after the sale opened Thursday morning it was pretty busy. "You see what you've done and it makes you feel good that you know what you've done is giving back to someone else," said Johnson.

Roy Pace teaches Freshman English Composition at VSU and decided to stop by to get a few things to expand his garden. "Mostly I grow peppers and thought I'd come over and take a look and see what the plants look like and then also check the price out," Pace said. "They're actually cheaper than some of the commercial areas buying 'em and they're healthier."

Like Johnson, Pace said he felt good knowing that his money is helping others. "Any time you can buy something that's gonna benefit somebody other than just putting money in their pockets is always a pretty good idea," said Pace.

Johnson said she hopes the sale will encourage others to grow their own plants and vegetables and in turn possibly use those plants and vegetables to help others as well.

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