Second armed robbery suspect arrested

Second armed robbery suspect arrested

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police say they have found the gunman who robbed a South Albany convenience store two nights ago. Michael "Big Mike" Cullen was taken into custody last night, taken to the Dougherty County jail about 7:00AM, and has already had a first court appearance.

His accused partner, "D Nasty" was caught inside the store.

When the two masked gunmen burst into Westside Grocery on West Gordon Avenue, the store clerk immediately recognized them, even as they wore masks. Store employees said the two robbers hang around that store for hours everyday.

An employee in the back office called 911 and stayed on the phone, even letting the dispatcher listen as the robbers demanded money.

Clerk Sabrini Aladoui called the suspects by their nicknames, "D-Nasty" and "Big Mike." They made four customers lie on the floor and smashed a cash register. One robber hit the clerk and sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. That's when police arrived and arrested Dorian Richards. The man the store clerk believes is known as Big Mike pushed his way past cops and escaped.

"If pepper spray or a stun gun or any other object is used offensively, then that would contemplate an armed robbery. And that would be a basis for an armed robbery charge," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Richards is in jail, charged with armed robbery and five counts of aggravated assault. We're told the clerk is taking a few days off to recover from the pepper spray attack.

Cullen remains in jail.

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