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Heavy rainfall threatens crops

Tim Burch, peanut and cotton farmer Tim Burch, peanut and cotton farmer
BAKER CO., GA (WALB) - Keeping up with mother nature is a huge part of the job for farmers, this week heavy rain could negatively impact their livelihood.

Large areas will be hit by rainfall, especially areas in and around Baker County. We spoke to one peanut and cotton farmer, Tim Burch, says he is getting ready for the 3 to 5 inches of rain headed our way.

He feels patience and hope is what will get him through this period, last year the non-stop showers threw his production off by three weeks. The first day of May is when planting is best but the excessive rain forced him to put it on hold.

"When its too wet you can't do anything. It is frustrating we have irrigation but we can't put it in reverse if its too wet so we just have to deal with it, " Burch said. 

Burch is not the only one who could experience the delay, other parts of the south could also be affected. Those planting peanuts in North Florida, Alabama and South Carolina will see lots of rain as well. 

Nearly 80% of the nation's peanuts are planted in these regions, its vital for farmers can tend to their crops as soon as possible. 

Any peanuts planted in the last seven days that have not emerged could be damaged. Farmers may notice slow growth which could lead to a higher chance of seedling disease or seed rot. 

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