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We'll have the latest on the Georgia mom accused of hosting a "naked Twister" party at her home. This morning her attorney is responding to the accusations against her.

We'll have the latest on Phoebe Putney's announcement  to move it surgical center to the main campus. We'll hear from officials on how they plan to avoid layoffs.

Another police shooting turns deadly following a car chase in Texas. What the driver told 911 operators prior to getting shot.

Georgia hunters could soon head south to hunt for bears in Florida, but some people aren't happy about the sport's arrival in the sunshine state.

We'll have the latest on an that gyro-copter that landed on the lawn of the US Capitol. What the pilot says his reason was behind the "mission."

And how much would you pay for the Pope's iPad? Someone shelled out big bucks for the "Holy" tablet at auction.

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