Tift Co. pastor hopes to rebuild church

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - A Tift County Pastor is reaching out to the community for help as a last resort to save his church.

They're hosting services where they used to have children's church for now. New Pastor Marshall Kennedy is hoping for a miracle to save the church he has grown to love

Pastor Marshall Kennedy is hoping to save this church.

It's had its ups and downs.

The building was condemned in 2009 and the congregation tried repairing it, but the entire building collapsed and they had to start from scratch.

"They started to lift the roof off to repair the walls and when they did the walls just collapsed. And so they had to finish tearing it down," says Pastor Marshall Kennedy.

Since then, the church has been through a few pastors and the congregation has slowly started to dwindle.

"We just got to a certain point and due to the dwindling membership, and the finances going down, we just to where we couldn't do anymore to complete it," says Kennedy.

Pastor Marshall Kennedy joined the church in September and is working to build up new members.

"Its picked up, its nearly doubled since I have been here in September." Some of the older members have come back and a visitor or two coming," he says.

They're collecting items to sell at garage sales which helps a little, but they need thousands to finish the ceiling, floors and walls.

"We have exhausted every available means to finish it," he says.

He hoping for some help so they can continue to reach out to the community, like they have in the past.

"We feel like if we could finish the building then it would help our ministry and we could be a blessing to this community and that's what its all about," says Kennedy.

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