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Cannabis oil bill to be signed by governor

pharmacist Ed Dozier pharmacist Ed Dozier
Governor Nathan Deal Governor Nathan Deal
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Governor Nathan Deal will officially legalize the use of one form of medical marijuana Thursday morning.

He'll sign a bill to allow cannabis oil to treat eight serious illnesses, but there's still confusion over how it will implemented.

House Bill 1 is pretty lengthy. Pharmacists are still unsure about how these prescriptions are going to be filled.

Huge combinations of medicine could soon be replaced by cannabis oil, making armloads of medicine a thing of the past. "Some children require just one medication, some children require a combination of different medications to help control seizure disorders," said pharmacist Ed Dozier.

The hope is that the oil will prevent seizures and symptoms of other diseases by itself without the side effects of other medicines.

"There's a significant amount of drowsiness, lethargy, and impairment of cognitive abilities--ability to think clearly," said Dozier.

State lawmakers took a step in that direction by passing House Bill 1, but it's still unclear how that oil will make it from a producer to one of these in a pharmacy

"The distribution for the cannabis oil is still really unclear and there will probably be some requirements that you have to become certified in order to dispense it, to prescribe it," said Dozier.

Pharmacists are just one of the many that will be reading up on this bill; ensuring knowledge of the new cannabis oil is known by all.

"Whether this is going to be a great improvement over what exists is yet to be seen. If you do have a child that has a seizure disorder that's not controlled, you have a significant problem," said Dozier.

A problem many parents hope will be cured.

It's important to note that this oil has no recreational use. The THC levels are too low for the oil to be abused, and the bill outlines a very specific group who will qualify for it.

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