Albany tax office puts fun twist on filing taxes

Albany tax office puts fun twist on filing taxes
Becky Elder, Liberty Tax
Becky Elder, Liberty Tax
Misty Shook, Elaine's Tax Service
Misty Shook, Elaine's Tax Service

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're hours away from the deadline to file your 2014 income tax return and there are some changes this year.

Employees at Liberty Tax are trying to make tax day as enjoyable as possible with a pajama party as they help taxpayers meet tomorrow night's deadline.

The Liberty Tax waver is letting everyone know you have one day to file your taxes and the tax office is putting a fun twist on filing.

"So whatever the reason that you're filing at the last minute, it does not matter because we're here to make taxes fun and painless as they can possible be," said Becky Elder, Franchisee.

Workers wore their Liberty Tax gear while setting up a movie projector, balloons, games and popcorn for tonight's Pajama party.

"We're up all night because a lot of people even the ones that work at night time on night shift, they have to have time to come in and file their taxes with somebody because they don't have regular hours," said Elder.

Workers at Elaine's Tax Service say they've also been busy filing extensions and answering penalty questions about Obamacare.

"It's calculated it's based on the number of months you did or did not have coverage," said Misty Shook, Elaine's Tax Service. "It's waived for a lot of low income people but it's on line 61 of the 1040."

Shook says filers need to pay attention to the supplemental insurance with Medicare that kicks in next year.

"A lot of college students have been affected when their parents couldn't carry them or they could," said Shook. "A lot of people thought it was going to be an automatic set fee and it's a percentage of your income. So it matters a lot more than some people think it would."

Tax preparers say they are doing everything they can to help filers beat the deadline.

"Do whatever it takes to avoid that failure to file penalty," said Elder.

Liberty Tax Service will be serving breakfast in the morning to their customers. They won't stop their services at their Oakridge Drive location until tomorrow at midnight.

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