Antique cars cruise South Georgia

Antique cars cruise South Georgia

Antique cars will be cruising around South Georgia this week.

The antique car club made a stop in Albany Tuesday. About 50 people, from across the country, gather once a year for an informal antique car tour. The cars must be a 1914 model or older.

The group trailered 23 cars to Moultrie and they're driving about 100 miles a day, exploring area cities.

"That's the nice thing about the old cars, you're driving down the road, people wave to you. You pull in to a little town and they'll come out and talk," said Duane Miller, who lives in North Georgia. "You just see a lot of things in the country side that you don't see running down I-75 at 70 miles an hour."

The group was in Quitman Monday. They plan to make stops in Thomasville and Cairo by Friday.

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