City of Albany concerned by turnover of linemen

City of Albany concerned by turnover of linemen

The City of Albany Utility Board is concerned by the high rate of turnover with their power linemen.

The Utility now has 11 linemen after just graduating a training class of four.

They'd like to have at least 14 on staff.

There is a highly-competitive market for experienced linemen now with Florida paying as much as $15 more an hour than Albany.

City officials are studying pay issues to try to cut the turnover, especially now during storm season.

Albany Assistant City Manager of Utility Operations Phil Roberson said "You want to have an experienced crew out there when you are doing this dangerous work.  The same thing applies in areas like public safety, where the push for the city right now is to try to get public safety and these very dangerous and highly technical jobs to where we can retain these folks and slow down the turnover."

These linemen study a 3-year accredited program before becoming certified.

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