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Sewer pipe refurbishing continues in Valdosta

David Frost David Frost

The city of Valdosta continued to work to eliminate sewer overflows in the city Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, a crew installed what is known as Cured In Place Pipe lining inside the sewer pipe at the bottom of a manhole in the 2100 block of W. Park Ave.

It's basically a pipe inside a pipe. It's a thick rubber tube with glue on the outside. The tube slides inside an existing pipe and is then heated to make it expand and stick to the existing pipe, thereby sealing off any cracks.

And, with all of the rain in the forecast, this should have been welcome news to the residents in the area. "It's got serious cracks and breaks in it and this liner will seal those cracks and breaks and limit all that inflow that's comin' in, or that infiltration that's comin' in to the pipe," said Valdosta Assistant Utilities Director David Frost.

As of Tuesday, the next phase was set to pick up where the section of pipe in W. Park Ave. ends nearby in the Meadowbrook Dr. area. That portion of the work was, as of Tuesday, scheduled to go before city council for approval the week of April 20th.

And, of course, the city planned to continue this process throughout the city as they continue to smoke test the entire sewer system over 2018 and identify more cracks and leaks.

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