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New proposed trail is 'win-win'

Wes Smith Wes Smith
Sasser Sasser

A new agreement between the city of Albany and the Rails to Trails would not only benefit the city, but also residents in Lee and Terrell Counties, and nature lovers. Commissioners are expected to review the deal next week.

Water Gas and Light crews are busy working off Highway 82 in Terrell County to potentially provide services for businesses and residents in Sasser. It's all part of a deal Albany City commissioners are considering with Rails to Trails.

"For us, it's all about selling power or selling telecommunications and bringing in revenue. This allows us a corridor to go up, and then it actually goes through some developed areas, some new industry opportunities," said Assistant City Mgr. Wes Smith.

Under the proposal Rails to Trails will allow the Albany Utility board to provide services to customers in Dougherty, Lee and Terrell Counties, using the organization's 13 mile stretch of former railroad tracks.

And the agreement would do more than bring in money for the city of Albany.

"Ultimately there will probably be some trail development and that is part of the package. But when you tie that in with the other trail work the county is looking at, we could actually become an eco-vacation spot. People come to see our trail line. So there's value in that as well," said Smith.

Value that residents in the area can also benefit from.

"Because we're selling product and providing services, I think they're a lot more interested in that and they're not nearly as scared as they were in years past of just a trail coming through, there's value for both sides."

City officials believe it's a win-win for everyone involved. City commissioners will discuss the agreement during Tuesday's work session.

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