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Farmers watch rain saturate their fields

Hal Israel Hal Israel
Peanuts in Worth County (2013) Peanuts in Worth County (2013)
SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - Rainfall this week could push peanut farmers planting back as much as two weeks. We went to a peanut field in Sumter County to get a farmer's reaction.

Many farmers in Southwest Georgia are hoping to get in the fields this week or next week, but unfortunately, this rain is going to continue all week, and could bring as much as three to five inches to some parts of Georgia.

These fields are already wet from rain last week, and many farmers around here are hoping the rain doesn't come down as forecasted.

The farmer I spoke with says he didn't want to complain about the rain, because they normally have to deal with hot, dry weather which is much worse.

"The rain is nice. It's nice for the corn crop. It may push us behind a little bit on the peanuts if it continues but we have a lot of big equipment. It don't take long to get over a lot of acres in a little bit of time," said farmer Hal Israel.

Israel says the fields will try up pretty quickly with a few windy days. He says if most peanuts get in the ground by May 20th, then the crop should be fine this year.

Many corn farmers I spoke with were able to get their seeds in the ground last week before the rain came. This week though, peanut farmers around the state will be looking up and watching that rain.

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