Tift County hopes to fight child abuse

Tift County hopes to fight child abuse

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Last year in Tift County there were more than 570 reported Child abuse cases.

" It's distressing, it's distressing because it says to me we got a lot of work to do," Larry Mims said.

But with those numbers child Advocate Larry Mims only wonders how many cases were missed.

"For everyone that's visible there are so many that's invisible," Mims said.

579 pinwheels were placed in front of the courthouse to represent those cases and to call the community to action.

"The community needs to come together every one needs to get involved it's not just one organizations problem," Kelly Shoniker said.

Kelly Shoniker,President of Tift County Council on Child abuse says that the numbers are  up from last year and hopes the pinwheels will get more people involved.

"My big goal is to get this number down," Shoniker said.

Mims suggests that even the little things can help combat child abuse in the community.

"Give them some time off offer to baby sit from time to time," Mims said.

For now, child advocates hope that the message will get across to the community for every passer by.

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