Downed power lines create danger in Americus neighborhood

Downed power lines create danger in Americus neighborhood

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Residents in one neighborhood are worried more waterlogged trees may come down after limbs knocked out power to a house over the weekend. Several power and cable lines came down in Americus over the weekend.

Many trees line the power lines all the way up the street. Some of them look dead, but all will be watched by neighbors.

"A tree flew from back that way, up this way."

Sharon Tookes said that's what she saw when she opened her door late Friday night--moments before tree limbs came crashing down on a power line to her house.

"I called my daughter and said 'woo girl, the power went out. Got something smelling like burning in here.' She said, 'mom you need to call the fire department,'" said Tookes.

Firefighters arrived before a major fire broke out, but they told her a lot of damage was already done.

"It done knocked a lot of your appliances off and they're not coming back on," said Tookes.

Her kitchen appliances were a casualty to the storm. Now, others on the street are scared--already pointing out dangerous trees that could do the same thing to their house.

"Definitely. I'm going to have to keep and eye on them. I don't want to sit in the house when it's storming and raining," said Jabis Harper.

Sumter County EMA Director Nigel Poole said that's a good tactic to take when weather like this hits.

"You do need to have that situational awareness and be aware of your surroundings wherever you are, even if that is your home," said Poole.

This homeowner is thankful she didn't lose her home, and now she's moving forward.

"But I know the next step I got to do it start working on these trees and stuff, getting an electrician here checking the outlets and stuff to make sure everything really is ok," said Tooke.

She just hopes something like this doesn't happen again. We do have a good bit of rain in the our forecast this week. The EMA director says with already soggy ground, it may not take severe weather to bring down some trees.

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