Last minute tax tips

Last minute tax tips
Ed Walton
Ed Walton

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you haven't started, now, is the best time. The deadline for taxes is in just two days.

"Now we are coming into the second phase of the season, they either know they owe money or they are going to, or they can't get all their document together. And a lot of these tax returns we are getting ready to do are a little more complex...a lot more complex. "

Ed Walton, owner of Walton Tax Services in Albany feels although there is no way to beat the crowd, there are ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your return.

He recommends making a list of all the necessary documents such as day care expenses and charitable donations, a simple task that is often overlooked.

"Your preparer can't do better than what your preparation is," Walton said.

And choosing the right person to do your taxes is just as important. Walton warns to be aware of fly by night tax services.

"You sign a tax return, fill it out but you don't know what they've sent," Walton said. "There telling you what you're getting and then they are cutting out a portion and having it direct deposited to their account."

He suggests to obtain a special PIN number from the IRS that would required to forward with any tax prep, another line for identity protection.

"Georgia is own of the four states that we can request one, " Walton continued. "Whether or not we feel compromised or not."

A task many fear by filing online but reports show its actually safer, leaves less room for error and a big time saver. You can file for extension for a return but if you owe anything, it will be due the 15th.

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