Broad Avenue Bridge construction 'meets in the middle'

Broad Avenue Bridge construction 'meets in the middle'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a milestone day for the Broad Avenue Bridge project downtown.

The structural frame is finished, and the spans from each bank now meet in the middle.

Construction officials say they are actually ahead of schedule, and they are confident drivers will be traveling across the Flint River on the new bridge by the end of August.

The final closure pour for the Broad Avenue bridge was done Friday afternoon.

Resident Tandrina Johnson said she is excited, and hopes the bridge construction is completed soon.

"I definitely need to use it. I'm a student at Albany State, and sometimes the traffic gets congested. So this will be a wanted and needed part of my day," Johnson said.

The old Broad Avenue Bridge, built in 1920, was closed in 2009 because of structural problems in the footings under the water.

The bridge was torn down in 2012, and new construction began.

Most of the traffic shifted over to the Oglethorpe Bridge, which people say can get congested in the morning and evening.

Other commuters agreed the bridge will ease traffic flow.

It took 11 truck loads of cement to pour the final closure piece.

"They will bring in a pump truck. It's a cement pump truck and it has like a very long tube on it. And it will pour into the form," said Georgia Department of Transportation Communications Officer Nita Birmingham.

The almost $12 million bridge will be above the 500 year flood level, so it is expected to keep the city from being divided, like what happened during the Flood of 1994.

But many drivers said they are looking forward to its competition at the end of the summer, to ease their commute.

Officials said the Broad Avenue bridge will have wide walking sidewalks and benches for people to sit on and enjoy the view.

This Broad Avenue Bridge is designed for at least one hundred years of use.

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