Construction expected soon on Tired Creek jetty

Construction expected soon on Tired Creek jetty

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - Construction for the Tried Creek Lake's new jetty is expected to begin soon.

The lake authority and Grady county commissioners visited the lake Thursday and debated whether to pay a $30,000 fee for two engineering companies to oversee the jetty construction.

The companies said they would make sure everything was installed properly. But the local leaders decided to begin construction on their own.

"The one thing they asked me was could I do it and was I confident I could do it. And I said, 'Yes I can.' And I am confident I can do it, said County Road Superintendent Stanley Elkins." From what I've seen, I've looked at the plans, and there's no problem building this jetty."

Elkins said it was difficult to predict the timeline for the project, but hopes to complete the jetty in the next several months.

The dam is finished and the lake is ready to be filled, but the county is waiting for mitigation site approval from the Army Corps of Engineers.

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