SCA's Paramore signs with Truett-McConnell

SCA's Paramore signs with Truett-McConnell

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After helping lead her team to a state title a season ago, a Sherwood Christian star is headed to play college soccer.

SCA senior Jordyn Paramone signed with Truett-McConnell College Thursday morning.

Paramore is the Lady Eagles' all-time leading scorer with 114 goals and counting.

She says she had a great connection with the TMC coach that wasn't one built just on the soccer field, but in the mission field as well.

"When Coach [David McDowell] went with us to Uganda, Africa on a mission trip, I got really close to him," she says. "I was really good friends with him before coaching, but I saw his heart for his players, and I knew that was a good place for me."

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