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Albany SWAT gets advanced training

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Albany's SWAT team is going through advanced tactics training to help protect them and suspects they may encounter.

With so many fatal police shootings across the nation in the news, these officers are working on ways to end tough situations without having to hurt anyone.

The Albany Dougherty Metro SWAT team trains on protective driving; practicing the three point road turn, if they are called on to escort a dignitary.

"It's basically a way to synchronize and be able to move a large number of vehicles, say in a motorcade, quickly out of a narrow area," said SWAT Instructor Karl de la Guerra.

These SWAT officers go through many training situations. Learning ways to end violent situations, hopefully without bloodshed.

"When things get totally out of control they have a team that's been specifically trained to go handle and resolve situations in the most peaceful manner possible," SWAT Commander Tim Hanington said.

 The Albany SWAT team worked all week with First Line Security and Training, going over the latest tactics that can save lives. "So we are providing them with so much more that they can do, rather than go straight to deadly force," First Line Security and Training President Chris Owens said.

SWAT team leaders say they are well trained to use deadly force if warranted, but they are much more interested in ending a situation peacefully, they call that a successful operation.

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