Preparing for the severe weather coming

Preparing for the severe weather coming

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Severe storms are expected across much of our area Friday afternoon and evening. A weather alert radio is a great tool to protect you. You can also download our weather app on your cell phone to stay on top of the weather.

Blue skies and sunshine will give way to dark clouds and rain for much of tomorrow afternoon and night. Parts of Southwest Georgia face a slight risk for severe thunderstorms.

"Slight risks means that there will be some scattered strong storms and an isolated severe storm. The potential for damaging winds will be the highest though," said Meteorologist Chris Zelman.

The danger extends mostly to our northwestern communities. If you live in that highlighted yellow area, you should be ready.

Some people didn't even know.

"No, I had no idea," said Beth Cowles.

Damaging winds and rain are expected after 3 o'clock for most areas. Some people say they're always prepared.

"My wife always makes sure we have batteries In all our flashlights. We have water, extra food in case we need it," said Calvin Dennis.

"Make sure have a stockpile of things we need for a couple of days," said Amy Daniels.

Preparation is key. Bad weather can pop up at any time, and that's why it's important to have the WALB weather app to stay updated. It was just last December when an EF-2 tornado struck Valdosta with no warning.

"It can really happen at anytime and this is just a reminder that strong severe storms will be coming our way," said Chris Zelman.

And your preparation is key when strong storms hit.

Chris and Scott will keep you updated with the latest projections of this storm system online, tonight, and all day tomorrow.

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