Lee Co. looks to lower jail numbers

Lee Co. looks to lower jail numbers

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Lee County leaders are looking at way to make a little elbow room in their jail. The jail, which can hold 90 people, is nearly full most of the time.

Rick Muggridge, the Lee County Chairman, says they know one day they will have to expand the jail, but right now looking at little things they can do to alleviate some of the population.

They've talked about reviewing the jail list periodically to see whose eligible for certain programs, like those who couldn't afford to make bond, being placed on an ankle monitoring program, or community service programs.

They talked about hiring two part time people to expand community service program, and about creating a program for first offenders of any age.

They want an alternative program so they stay a productive citizen instead of becoming a burden on society by ending up a repeat offender.

They also talked about creating another courtroom to reduce the court calendar.

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