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Caught on camera: Kid robs Bainbridge Dollar General

Hodge left his ID behind Hodge left his ID behind
Chris Jordan Chris Jordan
Mark Esquivel Mark Esquivel
The crime was caught on camera The crime was caught on camera
BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Surveillance video shows Dollar General employees getting ready to leave late last night. but minutes before they locked up, investigators say 15-year-old Walter Hodge rushed in with a gun, threatening the cashier's life.

"You couldn't see his face because it was covered up. He was wearing some really distinct clothing. We saw him go up to the cashier, and point the firearm at the cashier," said Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Mark Esquivel.

"She said that he told her that he was going to let her live as long as she waited about five minutes before she called the police after he left," said Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Christopher Jordan.

But it's what Hodge left behind that led investigators to him several hours later. "Investigator Jordan, last night, recovered a backpack near the scene that had some I.D. data of the suspect," Esquivel said.

Officers were investigating an apartment complex behind the Dollar General, where they say the suspect lives. That's where they uncovered a weapon and a mask in a shed like this one behind me. They say moments later they saw the suspect running away.

"The suspect observed us, took flight, and officers pursued him and took him into custody," said Jordan.

Investigators say Hodge admitted to committing the armed robbery, as well as stealing the gun he used from a car parked at a church nearby. Hodge is facing multiple weapons charges, and will be charged as an adult.

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