Female officers represent ASU PD

Female officers represent ASU PD
Lakesha Shorter
Lakesha Shorter
John Fields
John Fields

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Half the officers on the Albany State University Police force are women, and officials say that diversity helps them protect students and faculty.

Albany State has 12 female officers, as well as female interns and staff. They say that woman's touch really makes a difference on campus that is predominately women.

Albany State University Police Officer Lakesha Shorter is on duty with her most important duty, getting to know the students.

Albany State University Police Chief John Fields said "The percentage is almost three to one female to males. And that's where the female officer comes in handy. And they can deal with those female situations better so than a male officer."

Shorter says she became a police officer to serve the community. This community is mostly young, and often needing motherly advice.

"Because I get it all the time. Males and females, they come up, 'Hi Miss Shorter. Well I'm having this problem today.' And we sit down to talk about it a few minutes."

But these are also police officers, knowing that attacks have occurred on too many college campuses.

"We think about the military, putting women on the front lines. Well police officers, women police officers, they are on the front line everyday," Fields said.

Shorter said "Thank you honey, that's good.

"Make sure I'm on the news tonight," said a student.

"Oh my goodness, y'all are so silly."

Shorter recommends police work as a great job for a woman.  "My daughter, she sees me walking around and she's like, 'Mommy I want to be a police officer like you.' And I'm fine with that."

Several female students in ASU's Criminal Justice Department are interning with the police department preparing to take jobs on the streets across South Georgia.

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