Editorial: Mercedes Benz Bill

Editorial: Mercedes Benz Bill

In the closing moments of the Georgia General Assembly session last week, Republican leaders in Atlanta showed why so many of us don't often trust politicians.

They broke their own rules to force a vote on a previously unseen bill that will give tax breaks to well-paid employees of Mercedes Benz.

The state already gave Mercedes more than 20-million dollars in tax breaks to lure the company's U-S headquarters from New Jersey to metro Atlanta.  At least the Governor and other leaders were willing to stand up and openly explain how they think those breaks will benefit Georgia.

But this time, instead of explaining why you and I have to pay state and local taxes on our cars when executives at a luxury car company won't, they decided to sneak through a bill no lawmaker likely had read.  It  didn't even pass the Senate until after the supposedly mandatory midnight deadline to end the session.

The Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and anyone else who approved this deal should be ashamed of themselves.  But they're politicians. “Shame” may not be in their vocabulary.

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