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Credit cards, cash stolen from Colquitt Co. High School

Dr. DePaul Dr. DePaul
Lt. Rob Rodriguez Lt. Rob Rodriguez

Police are investigating a break-in at Colquitt County High School. According to officials, several offices were broken into, where credit cards were stolen. Some vending machines were also broken into, and money was taken from them.

"It's very frustrating when we have these kinds of incidents whether it's a high school or any kind of school property," said superintendent Samuel DePaul.

DePaul is tired of receiving calls about burglaries. "You just never know when they're going to happen. When they happen you obviously have to deal with them," said Dr. DePaul.

This time, the burglar likely climbed a fence and got away with school credit cards and cash from vending machines. But that's not the most frustrating part about these break-ins.

"Just the damage, breaking in, getting into the office, that's as frustrating as anything that's lost," said Dr. DePaul.

Video here shows a similar crime in mid-March where extensive damage was done to a vending machine in the cafeteria.

Dr. DePaul admits after-hour security systems at the high school haven't been upgraded due to the impending move to the new campus in August, but he says locking up securely at night and fixing cameras must be done in the meantime.

"Continue to be vigilant. Obviously we work closely with our Police Department, sheriff's department, and we've asked them to beef up patrols, but obviously they have their hands full with what's going on in the community." .

"We always and will continue to patrol not only the schools but the other businesses and residence as such," said Lt. Rob Rodriguez with the Moultrie Police Department.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video to see if they recognize the culprit or culprits. DePaul said the most frustrating part for the school is the damage that was caused by the break-ins, and not the loss of equipment.

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