Albany public works facility burglarized

Albany public works facility burglarized

Burglars did hundreds of dollars in damages breaking into the Albany City Public Works, but stole only a few dollars in change.

City employees arriving about 4 Monday morning found the door knobs broken on a couple of doors leading into the public works lounge area.  Three gum ball machines were smashed with a sledge hammer.

In the equipment repair area, a garage style door was broken open, and two drink machines smashed.  Now they are looking at surveillance video from the weekend to see if they caught the crook on camera.

Albany City Director of Utilities and Public Works Richard Bramblett said "We're going to review our films and such.  See if we can pile up anybody on film from the security cameras.  That's the main thing we are going to be doing."

The damages to the doors cost about 400 dollars to repair.

Public Works officials say this is the first burglary like this they have had in their facilities.

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