Community honors Leesburg Stockade Women

Community honors Leesburg Stockade Women
Yolanda Jordan
Yolanda Jordan
Laura Fench
Laura Fench

People all over state attended the Leesburg Stockade Women event at Georgia Southwestern in Americus.  It was an emotional afternoon for many, the program commemorates the bravery and life of 14 girls who were held hostage during the civil rights movement.

It hit home for Laura Fench. Her sister was one of the captive girls, she says she touched by all the support from the community.

"It is so important because we do not want history to be lost," Fench said.

And she's not alone, Yolanda Jordan's mother was also a part of the group, today she continues her legacy.

'"She was very strong, I mean in everyday life she she was strong. Throughout our lives she always encouraged us to look up, hold your head up, you can do anything you can put your mind to," "Jordan said.

The young teens were imprisoned after protesting injustice within their city. After enduring months of poor living conditions the girls were finally released and ready to share their story, a story that still hard to to re-tell even for those who didn't live through it.

"It was overwhelming to me," Jordan continued.

But it doesn't stop supporters from moving forward, the event also helps benefit one of the most important programs in the city.

"The boys and girls club here in Americus has wonderful things going on, " Fench said. "And the children of this community

will be more than happy to see this history being made."

Jordan feels if her mother were here, she would be proud.

"She would say look at God, look at what God has done, we have come a long way," Jordan said. "I wouldn't believe that this would be happening today."

These women leave today knowing their sacrifice will continue to makes waves even decades later.

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