Update: Burned boy returns home

Update: Burned boy returns home

A 2 year-old boy is back home from the hospital after being burned in an east Albany yard.

Sheldon Knowles fell into the remnants of a burn pile on Thursday afternoon on Pinson Road. The residents say they were burning leaves the previous day and thought they put out the fire completely.

The toddler tripped and fell into the hot pile and suffered burns on the back of his legs and on one hand. He was treated at the Still Burn Center in Augusta and was released Saturday.

Firefighters recommend you never burn yard debris, but if you do, they say make sure you keep children away.

Albany Fire Department Deputy Chief Ron Rowe said "Fire is mesmerizing to most children. And some adults.  That's why we have so many issues with fire.  Is that it is something people like to be around and like to look at."

No charges have been filed, but the investigation continues.

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