Marine Base has speed traps, too

Marine Base has speed traps, too
Victor Singleton
Victor Singleton

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - MCLB officials say too many drivers are speeding on the base, and their police are giving citations.

Officials at the Marine Base say that driving there is a privilege, not a right, and chronic speeders, even one MPH over the limit, could lose that privilege.

Officers from the Marine Corps Logistic Bases Police Force are working to slow down speeders. Traffic supervisor Lt. Victor Singleton told one driver: "The reason I stopped you, I clocked you when you were going into housing at about 36. What I'm doing now, I'm doing a speed analysis in this area."

Officials are concerned by the increase of speeding violations on the roads inside the base since November, because they are seeing a lot of traffic on base.

"With the VA clinic on board we have a lot of VA patients who come and go. So yes I think most people would be surprised at the amount of traffic that we actually do have on the base," Singleton said

Officers are reminding drivers that there is no grace addition to their speed limits one mile over the speed limit is speeding. "So if the speed limit says 15 miles per hour that that's what we want you to be going on the base. And that keeps everybody safe."

The Base Command Inspector, Donnie Baggs, is the judge for base traffic citations, and speeding can cause you to lose the right to drive on base.

"Your privileges may be suspended, be taken away for a certain period of time. And he is very aggressive about drivers who don't adhere to the base's rules as far as driving concerns."

Marine Base officials warn they are cracking down on speeders, and urge you to slow down.

Marine Base officials say there was one death years ago, when a pedestrian was hit by a government vehicle in the industrial area of the base going 20 miles over the speed limit. They want to make sure that never happens again.

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