Cigarettes, drugs targeted in triple smash-and-grabs

Cigarettes, drugs targeted in triple smash-and-grabs

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A thief broke into the Bush Animal Clinic on Dawson just after midnight Thursday morning. He only got away with a bottle of antihistamines and a DVD player.

The glass on the door was replaced Thursday afternoon after the burglar smashed it in with a rock and then took the short walk through an exam room straight to the pharmacy in the back.

A vet carefully examined pill bottles at Bush Animal Clinic, black fingerprint dust in the background proof of where a burglar snagged pills in an early morning break in.

"Kind of focused in on this area and then grabbed a bottle right here," said Dr. Ivy Chupp.

After the man smashed the back door with a rock, a surveillance camera caught him looking at the medicine before grabbing a bottle of antihistamines. He then walks out and is caught throwing a few back in the parking lot.

Dr. Ivy Chupp walked in this morning and saw the damage after the alarm failed to go off.

"I saw some glass on the floor. I saw a rock. I just turned around and walked back out and we called the police," said Dr. Chupp.

Dr. Chupp admits these pills make them a target.

"Anytime there's drugs involved, there's electronics, I feel like any business is a target," said Dr. Chupp.

But the frustration is always the same.

"It's a setback for us, for our business day, and it's about a 2-3 thousand dollar door that was broken and a bottle of drugs was taken and a DVD player was also taken," said Dr. Chupp.

The clinic has been broken into 3 times in the past. The most recent crime came several years ago. Dr. Chupp says they will increase security, but they feel like their cameras should help police identify this man.

"We're hoping the guy is caught and he's punished accordingly," said Dr. Chupp.

Police are working to figure out if that man is connected to two other break-ins nearby on Dawson Road overnight. About 1:45, someone threw a cement block through the front window of K Mart, ran inside and grabbed cigarettes.

About an hour later, someone threw a cement block through the glass front door of this Dollar General and also stole cigarettes. Albany Police urge businesses to stay vigilante.

"Businesses leave their lights on. Want to make sure that video surveillance is properly working. We want to make sure that the alarm system is working properly," said Corporal Brian Covington.

Albany Police will go to businesses and give a free security survey with suggestions to help make them a tough target for crime. If you know about any of these crimes, you're asked to call CrimeStoppers.

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