Scam alert in Ben Hill Co.

Scam alert in Ben Hill Co.

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - A scam alert tonight from the Ben Hill County Sheriff.

Sheriff Bobby Mclemore says one of his own deputies got this letter in the mail with a prepaid card.

The letter requested a copy of his driver's license and other personal information.

Mclemore says don't ever respond to requests like that and remember... if you didn't enter a contest then you probably didn't win.

"Just beware that there are a lot of scams that involve insurance, credit cards, you won something, you were entered into a drawing and won. They are all scams and there is nothing we can do about it. And if you send your money then you just lost it," says Sheriff Bobby Mclemore.

He says if criminals get the right information they can create false identities, open bank accounts, and commit crimes under your name.

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