Leesburg Bypass bridge under construction

Leesburg Bypass bridge under construction

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A bridge that will allow completion of a Leesburg bypass began taking shape Wednesday.

Delivery of huge beams began, and engineers will begin hoisting them in place to form the fly-over that will connect US 19 and State Route 195.

This will eliminate the need for drivers to go into downtown Leesburg if they are going to Lee County schools, and will smooth traffic flow in the area.

"Instead of coming into the downtown area, it will disperse a lot of the traffic. Make it a lot safer for all the school buses to get across the railroad tracks. It's an exciting day for Leesburg," said Bob Alexander, Leesburg City Manager.

The bridge spans were made outside Birmingham and shipped in this morning.

This is part of a 10-year, eight million dollar D.O.T. project that is one section of a Regional Plan, officials said.

The beams, made of steel and concrete, are six feet tall, and 147 feet long, and weigh 43,000 pounds each.

The project should be complete by December.

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