Editorial: State Highway Problems

Editorial: State Highway Problems

Thousands of outdated and potentially dangerous guardrails line Georgia highways, but dysfunction in Washington could make replacing them difficult.

Guardrails with what's called B-C-T end treatments were supposed to be removed years ago.  The Georgia Department of Transportation failed by not following through but is now trying to fix the problems.

G-DOT mapped every mile of interstate in Georgia and found about 2-thousand of the guardrails… including some on I-75 in our area.  The D.O.T. is now checking all state highways, a time-consuming job.

Money to replace the rails on interstates should come from the federal government, but because of Congress's inaction, federal funding for nearly all road projects could dry up at the end of May.  Georgia has already shelved scheduled projects because of the uncertainty.

The state D.O.T. is developing plans to fix the outdated guardrails, hoping the money will be there soon.  Now, it's time for members of Congress to stop creating another crisis and act to make sure Georgia and other states have the money they need and have been promised for road projects.

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