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VSU decreasing tuition for some out of state residents

Tenley Kiger Tenley Kiger
Sheldon Wallace Sheldon Wallace
Nekaybaw Sirmans Nekaybaw Sirmans

For many current and future students at Valdosta State University, college is about to become a little cheaper.

Beginning with the 2015 Fall semester, all residents from Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida will be able to pay the same price for tuition as Georgia residents.

"I'm just very, very grateful to the chancellor and to the board of regents for really giving us this opportunity to offer expanded educational opportunities to the residents of those states," said VSU President Dr. William McKinney.

Monday, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved the university's request to offer the new tuition rate.

Tenley Kiger is a current student from Florida who is already able to pay the instate tuition rate. She said having the option helped motivate her to come to VSU. "Every place I looked at in Florida was either too big or too far away, so Valdosta State was perfect," said Kiger.

Freshman Sheldon Wallace said even though he's not from out of state, he believes a lower tuition rate for out of state students will help encourage even more people to come VSU.

"I actually know a few friends who are in Florida who are actually thinkin' about comin' to this college," Wallace said. "So, I think maybe that might encourage them to possibly come here."

Freshman Nekaybaw Sirmans also believes that lowering the cost of tuition for the out of state residents will have long term benefits. "I feel like if they do [lower tuition], there'll be more students to come and get their education where they can do better in life," Sirmans explained.

And, while as of Tuesday that may have still been just a hope, President McKinney said he's confident it will actually happen.

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