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Medicine dosage for children

Ed Dozier, pharmacist Ed Dozier, pharmacist
child medication dosage concerns child medication dosage concerns
children's medicine changes children's medicine changes
calibrating dosage accurately calibrating dosage accurately

The american academy of pediatrics is asking for parents, doctors, and pharmacists to change the way medication is given.

Many people use a teaspoon to administer liquid medication.

That can lead to a child overdosing.

An Albany pharmacist suggests an alternative to the kitchen spoon to make sure the dose is accurate for the most benefit and least side effects.

Ed Dozier from U Save It pharmacy in Albany says "my recommendation is to use either a dosing cup or a syringe that is calibrated for dosing. Calibrated in milliliters and teaspoons it makes it a lot easier and more accurate."

If you have any questions on dosage or converting measurements... ask your pharmacist or doctor.

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