Three Albany teens charged with violent armed robbery

Three Albany teens charged with violent armed robbery

The Dougherty District Attorney says two juveniles, one only 14 years old,  charged with last week's violent armed robbery of an Albany convenience stores will be tried as adults.D.A. Greg Edwards said "But it's still frightening that they are able to get guns and carry out these types of crimes."

The boys charged in that armed robbery are 14-year old Shandon Ellis and 16-year old Donell Knight.

Monday Albany Police arrested 17 year old Kenneth George, Jr. , charging all three with armed robbery.

The District Attorney and youth mentors say this violent armed robbery by kids so young is shocking, but they warn every parent should be concerned by violent crimes committed by ever younger children.

The surveillance video from Woodall's on North Slappey Wednesday morning is shocking. Masked robbers pointing guns in the faces of store clerks and customers. This video helped police make arrests late Friday of a 14 year old and a 16 year old, and the D.A. says they will be treated as adults.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "Any person who commits acts of armed robbery, under Georgia law, are liable to be treated as adults. So that is what will happen in this instance."

Youth mentor Anita Allen, a former law enforcement officer, says parents should be very concerned that South Georgia kids are being charged with violent crimes.

Allen said "Most definitely.  Parents need to be very involved in their children's lives.  They need to know what's going on.  Who they are hanging out with."

Prosecutors say the investigation is continuing, and part of that is the parent's involvement.  Where were they when their young teens at 1:15 in the morning were being charged with robbing a store?

Edwards said "there are statutes that will allow for parents to be held responsible for certain restitution, caused by the juveniles., children that are engaged in criminal activity."

Allen said "I understand that parents have to work. And it takes work to be able to take care of your home. But it comes back to knowing where your child is. Being involved."

The D.A. says so far this year they have not seen an increase in youth violent crimes, but they want to send a strong message to stop it. 
The mandatory minimum sentence for armed robbery in Georgia is 10 years in prison. And that sentence could go all the way to life in prison.

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