Gas could plummet below $2 a gallon

Gas could plummet below $2 a gallon

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Gas prices are pretty low right now, and this summer, they may be even lower. Economists believe the increase in oil supply could lead to even lower gas prices.

A gallon of gas could plummet below $2 by summer--making long trips much more affordable. Spring breakers in Cordele say lower gas prices would be welcomed by all.

"Originally I didn't plan on coming down to Florida but since it's so cheap, decided to drive down," said Noe Garza.

"Instead of 40, 50 dollars to fill this up, now it's $20-25 , 30," said Pat Greenless.

The cost for a barrel of oil could dip as low as $20--less than half of what it costs now.

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