Crisp County officials investigating entering autos

Crisp County officials investigating entering autos

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Crisp County Sheriff's Officials are once again reminding you to lock your car and remove valuables after a rash of weekend break-ins. Crooks rummaged through nearly a dozen cars in two neighborhoods.

The thieves stole mainly money and electronics, but at least one gun was stolen. All of the crimes happened in the Wiley Acres and Lakeview subdivisions. People who live in those neighborhoods are shocked by the activity.

Susan Wilkerson says her pit bull dog woke her up early Saturday morning--barking at what she believes was a crook.

"He's got a different bark and he doesn't act like this unless it's somebody," said Susan Wilkerson.

Wilkerson lives in the middle of the Wiley Acres subdivision and investigators believe at least one person walked up the street checking cars.

"The suspect saw the opportunity and saw valuables inside the vehicle and then entered the vehicle and stole miscellaneous items," said Sgt. Ben Bray with the Crisp County Sheriff's Office.

Wilkerson says her truck was empty.

"We didn't have anything in the vehicles that anybody could take," said Wilkerson.

But numerous other cars in the Lakeview neighborhood were ransacked while they were empty.

Sgt. Bray says the most important thing to do is just lock your car. In all 10 of these cases, the thief got in because the door was left unlocked.

"They're going around just pulling the door handles and if the car is unlocked, they go in and search through the glovebox, consoles, up under the seats," said Bray.

And if you see something in your neighborhood, call 911.

"We would rather come and it not be anything than somebody actually be breaking into a car, and you just figured it wasn't important," said Sgt. Bray.

Once you do lock your cars, it's still important to get out any valuables from the car—even ones that you think are hidden because crooks know the hiding places. Cordele Police are also investigating a slew of entering autos in the city.

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