Local coaches, Albany YMCA host free basketball camp

Local coaches, Albany YMCA host free basketball camp

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Over 50 grade schoolers were treated to a free basketball camp, on Saturday morning.

Coach Ravii Givens, CEO of Go Hard Training, and other local coaches, including former ASU head coach Chris Cameron, got together, in conjunction with the YMCA, to host the free clinic to help share their knowledge and passion for the game.

Givens said he loves being able to give back to his community.

He uses the time to teach kids fundamentals and give them drills to work on.

But, he also wants campers to work just as hard in the classroom as on the court.

"We all have dreams of going to play basketball, whether it's DI, DII, NAIA, whatever level it may be," said Givens. "But, in order for us to reach our goal, we definitely have to pay attention in school and do our school work. If we're not doing the school work, then we wont have the chance."

"My whole philosophy is to try to give back," said Cameron. "Give to kids that I can, or we can. And to help them learn a little bit more about what we knew at an earlier age."

Coach Givens said he plans on doing more free camps in the future.

Coach Cameron will hold a camp on April 11th at the Albany YMCA.

It will be $45 dollars and the deadline for registration is April 4th.

To register, email camsportsinc@gmail.com

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