Distracted Driving the number one cause of crashes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Listening to headphones, talking on the phone, even putting on makeup, are just a few things law enforcers say they see drivers doing every day.

In fact, research shows distracted driving is the number one cause of crashes among teen drivers these days.

It's Friday night, and the streets are busy.

But as folks drive, they're doing other things too, looking down, talking on the phone, even listening to headphones.

And the distracted driving doesn't go unnoticed by law enforcers.

"You can see it clearly at night because with texting the screen is light up," says Trooper Daniel Joiner.

16-year-old Jacob Halbrook has been driving for about a year.. He says distracted driving is something they constantly talked about in driving school..

"Put the cell phone down, that kind of stuff," says 16-year-old Jacob Halbrook.

He says teens using their cell phones behind the wheel is a big issue he notices a lot.

"Pretty much every single time I'm driving. I see one person sort of swerving and I look over and they have their phone right there," says Halbrook.

These days its the number one cause of crashes.

"We used to say it was DUI or alcohol or drugs, or something like that, now its distractions that could be as simple as eating or drinking in the car," says Owner of Doco Driving School Debra Storm.

She says they work with parents on ways to teach their kids good habits.

"First of as parents we need to set good examples and sometimes that's the hardest part," says Storm.

She says people don't realize what can happen in a matter of seconds.

"We can travel the length of a football field in a second and a lot of things can happen in the length of a football field you know," she says.

Law enforcers say they do write tickets if they catch people texting and driving, which is illegal in the state of Georgia.

"We do everything we can to stop those people, and advise them of their violation and whether they issue them a citation is up to the trooper or the officer," says Trooper Joiner.

State Troopers say its better to just pull over and not risk injuring yourself or somebody else.

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