Finding New Life Beyond the Television Set

Finding New Life Beyond the Television Set


For many, an anchor or news director position in a local market is as good as it gets. For others, there's something else out there.

Dawn Hobby, News Director Turned Realtor:

Dawn Hobby had come a long way since she was featured in a 1987 edition of Channels magazine as one of the lowest-paid reporters in the nation. She went on to become an anchor in Albany, Ga., and then the WALB Albany news director. And this month, she wraps up a 35-year television career to embark on a new adventure in real estate.

"It's always been an interest of mine," says Hobby. "I have friends who are realtors, and always enjoy riding around with them, looking at houses. I knew in the back of my mind that someday, I'd end up doing it."

It was just a matter of timing, adds Hobby, and the time is now. She likes the evenness of her 35th anniversary in Georgia television.

She's training her replacement, Bari Soash, and has her license in order to sell some homes.

Besides helping her know every last geographical corner of the market, Hobby says the reputation she built at WALB over the decades will serve her well in real estate, as will her communication skills.

"I hope the people of southwest Georgia regard me as someone they can trust," she says. "I worked hard to build my reputation as a broadcaster, and hope that carries over to real estate."

Even after she exits the newsroom, news will still be in Hobby's blood. "I'll always be a news junkie," she says. "But I'm looking forward to a new adventure."