Lee Co. High takes precautions to protect students involved with baseball

Lee Co. High takes precautions to protect students involved with baseball

Athletic officials at Lee County say head injuries in baseball are rare, but they do happen sometimes.

Lee County Athletic Director Rob Williams said they take every precaution they can to protect their young people, and while the sport is fun, at the end of the day, it's about making sure kids are safe.

Baseball is not a contact sport, but as with any game sometimes injuries occur.

In Lee County athletic officials said safety is of the utmost importance and when they teach the sport they teach techniques that help prevent injuries.

"How we teach young men to slide, young ladies to slide playing softball or baseball," said Williams

Lee County High School Athletic Director Rob Williams said they use top of the line safety equipment.

"They have to be approved by a national board that we can use them. They have stickers on them and we have to have them checked every so often. If they have any kind of crack or flaw then we do not use them," continued Williams

But he knows a freak accident can happen.

"There's times you can take every precaution that you can think of, and sometimes some tragic things can happen."

Which puts things into perspective.

"You're out there competing and trying to win so hard, but really when you break it down it's all about making sure these young men and ladies have a good experience competing, but a safe experience."

Lee County was supposed to play Valdosta Friday in Leesburg. That game was called off as Valdosta High grieves the loss of Colton Shaw.

"I'll tell you what it takes a long time to get over that if you ever get over that. Whenever you do get back to the field with your team there is always that one individual that's not there and we all know it," continued Williams.

He said the Valdosta community is in the thoughts and prayers of people at his school.

"I know we have already sent messages to Valdosta High School and Colquitt County High School expressing our condolences and well wishes."

Williams also said they check the helmets and equipment often, and if there's any cracks they discard them and don't use them.

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