Reenactment shows tragedy of traffic deaths

Reenactment shows tragedy of traffic deaths
Kyle Lentz
Kyle Lentz

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Emergency crews quickly responded to the one car rollover at Lee County High School, for a reenactment of an 18-year-old who crashed his car after drinking at a party.

His 13 year-old sister wasn't wearing her seatbelt and was thrown from the car and killed.

"I think it was pretty effective, especially since there was many of the people in the audience who have actually known someone effective by this or have been actually effective by a situation so close to the one that we displayed today." said 11th grader Adi Miller.

And alcohol isn't always involved. Mackenzie Haire, who's a senior now, remembers when 16-year-old Madison Stokes was killed in 2012 after pulling out in front of a tractor trailer rig on Highway 82. "That was really devastating to a few of my senior friends when I was in 10th grade. I had to see them go through that and it wasn't pretty. It hurt my heart."

"Seven years ago, on June 2nd, I got that phone call." For the first time Lee County firefighter Kyle Lentz shared his tragic story, when his 16-year-old son was killed in a crash 7 years ago.

"My daughter graduated last year from this school. I had promised myself that I would never talk as long as she was here at the school. Because this is something she lived as well," Lentz said.

A cross still marks the spot on Forrester Parkway, where his son was killed making a u-turn in his pickup and was hit by a utility truck.

"I hope that one child heard what I said about the phone call that we talked about. They don't really think about what happens from their choices. They don't see the consequences. And the consequences on their parents are very strong," Lentz said.

Consequences that impact the entire community, which is why agencies from all over Lee County worked together to make this reenactment as powerful as possible.

Organizers spent five months planning this re-enactment... the first one at Lee County High School in two years.

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