Women train to resist attackers

Women train to resist attackers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A few years ago, the Albany Area YMCA started a self-defense class that didn't gain much interest, but today it's a different story.

Martial arts instructor Mark Roberts demonstrates how these women can defend themselves against someone they know, and learn how to pack a punch. This technique teaches women to grab an attacker by the shoulder and wrist and take themselves out of harm's way.

"I found that there is definitely a need in this area for some self defense, that particle self defense," he said.

He also shows them what to do if they are taken by surprise by stranger. Instead of placing their hand on the shoulder they would use their elbow.

Christina Jones is a mother who comes to the Y often. She checked out the class today because she wants to learn how to protect her kids.

"It's just important for everyone to be able to defend themselves. But I think especially in a situation where I have children out I would be more vulnerable," said Jones.

The Y offered a self-defense class several years ago, but people didn't show up. But this time they are seeing a bigger response.

"We've had nine, 10 people came Tuesday night and we had six that were up here Tuesday morning," said organizer Donette Lewis, who hopes more people will show up when classes officially start next week.

The classes officially start April 2nd and will cost $40 for members $80 for non members.

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